A night out with your friends is a great time to flaunt your best pieces. With a plethora of activities to indulge in at NYC, the fun part is choosing a dashing outfit. The reason we take extra care when dressing for a special occasion is because it boosts our self-esteem and we prefer to look appropriate to the venue.

Are you planning on a Jazz night out at NYC? Many consider Jazz as America’s true art form due to its close association with Jazz history. What better place to listen to soulful music than NYC? Try any of the renowned jazz clubs in NYC like Birdland Jazz Club. Check their website for news on upcoming events and book your tickets today.

Wardrobe tips for your Jazz night:

Dressy Jeans: Jeans are super-comfortable and classic making it ideal for a night of non-stop entertainment. Women can opt for skinny dark jeans and men can opt for slim fit dark jeans. Regardless of there you choose to wear a button-down shirt or something dressier, jeans are perfect.

Add leather: There is something about leather that screams sophistication. Incorporating leather in your outfit in the form of leather jackets or a chic leather skirt will enhance the entire look. If you prefer to tone it down, carry leather accessories like bags or other accessories.

Go All-Black: Want to look like a true New Yorker? Black is fashionable, artsy, flattering and practical. An all-black outfit would never go wrong for a night-out.

Accessorize: It is time to take out your trendiest accessories when in NYC. The right accessory transforms a boring outfit to and refreshing and exciting one. Try crazy tassel earrings, high top sneakers, cage heels, high-end designer bags and add a dash of colour.

Tips specific for men:

  • Dancing to jazz is likely to tire you out. Wear a white undershirt.
  • Vests look hep
  • Try two-tone spectator shoes or ‘wingtip’ dress shoes
  • If you are opting for blazers, you may wear a tight, single-breasted one in grey, black or white colour

Tips specific for women:

  • You can choose to keep it a bit formal. Opt for dark colours – maroon instead of red dress, up-do hairdo.
  • Wear stiletto style heels or high-heeled shoes
  • Knee-length dress with elaborate hemline works perfect

If the place you are visiting has a dance floor, wear clothing appropriate to dancing. Do wear something too loose or too tight. Dressy classy and stand out from the crowd.