Most of the people at strip clubs are there to unwind and relax. Now, the last thing they want is someone telling them what to do and what no to. Well, it is good that you are going there to chill, but does that mean you should go there looking absolutely unpresentable? Of course not!

Also, some classier and prominent establishments like Cheetah Gentlemen’s Club won’t allow you in if you show up there wearing something extra inappropriate. That being said, it is important to know a little about dressing up for a strip club night.

Dressing up for a strip club

Be exclusive

No, we are not asking you to suit up especially for a strip club visit. However, if you do so, you will definitely seem more approachable and striking. Then again, all we are expecting you to be is being well-dressed. For instance, if you are heading to a strip club right from your office, keep your suit on.

You can skip the tie if you want, but if you are wearing one, keep it up tight. Be rest assured, a dancer there will work really hard to make sure you loosen it up.

Being casual is important too

When it is about being casual, we certainly don’t mean that you go there in shorts. Well, if you don’t feel like wearing a suit, it is alright. Go in a nice button-down or a polo shirt. However, don’t simply pull it out from the laundry hamper and go all wrinkly and messy. If you are truly there to have a good time, make sure your shirt is neatly pressed.

You can also wear jeans or slack if you want. Ladies at the strip club will love you even in everything right from jeans to Dockers. However, they expect you to leave your tracks and shorts for golf courses and beaches.

What to avoid wearing while going to a Gentlemen’s Club

There are many clothing items which are best left for gym. For instance, basketball shorts sweat pants, tank tops, etc. Also, it is best if you don’t show up there wearing sandals or flip flops. This footwear sometimes makes it real hard to move around comfortable. Also, there are chances you might get a seat next to a cowboy wearing big boots. So, does your precious pinky toe a favor and don’t show up there wearing open-toed shoes.

So, there you go. Now, you are absolutely prepared to have a fun night at a gentlemen’s club. Just show up there dressed nicely, and the hot chicks there will surely show you some nice time.