Had a hectic week and want to rejuvenate and unwind during weekends within your budget? Then, you must go to the spa and undergo massage to get rid of the stress and feel relaxed. There are a few wellness retreat centers that are away from the hustle and bustle of city lives. If you need relaxation and stress relief, you can land at the Lawson lodge spa. This place will detach you from the stress and strain that you are undergoing in life. The stunning surroundings will promote relaxation and peace.

There is a wide range of massage treatments and therapies in which you can indulge to ease your muscles and promote sound mental and physical well being. We at Lawson lodge offers almost all kinds of spa treatments to make your body and mind relaxing.

Few of the spa treatments that allow you to have a relaxing holiday include:

Acupressure massage

If you want to relieve stress and alleviate body pains, this therapy is right for you. The therapists use aromatic oils and carry out the massage in a relaxing and sterile environment. The place itself will take you into a deep sleep and let you relax while the therapists massage on the pressure points in the body. The therapist will apply little pressure on different areas of the body. They massage with the fingertips to promote the proper flow of energy in the body and expedite the healing process. This massage is a fantastic way to relax your body and mind. It helps adequate blood circular, alleviates pain, heals injuries, and boost the well-being of a person.

Abdominal massage

In this type of massage, gentle pressure is put on the abdominal area. This type of massage is perfect for getting treatment for the displaced uterus and irregular periods of problems. It balances the hormonal issues, constipation problems, and ovary tissues. This massage can also be undergone by men to keep digestive and bladder issues at bay.

Thai massage

It is the most widely undergone massage therapy by men and women. This massage is a combination of acupuncture, body rocking, and stretching. The therapist will carry out this massage by making you lie down on the floor. They use feet, elbow, knees, and thumbs to massage the body. You can get the complete body massage or massage at specific areas of the body where you have pain or ache. It is the ideal massage to be undergone by the people who are suffering from severe back and shoulder ache or neck aches. It promotes proper blood circulation in the body and helps you to get rid of spinal issues.


It is a massage technique that comprises of long strokes and kneading. We use essential oils to carry out this massage. When the therapist applies the oil to the body, it is absorbed by the skin and start to produce pleasant fragrance. When you inhale the scent, it calms your mind. You can use different types of oils based on your specific needs. These oils will soothe your soul, energize the body, and cleanse the toxins. It is also the best way to relieve stress and go into deep relaxation.