Most men have a fantasy or two about strip clubs. A gentleman’s club is a step above that. Those flashing lights, great music, and nude strippers make for a deadly combination, and fun on a boring weekend doesn’t really get better than this. Contrary to popular belief, women too love strip clubs, and in fact, if you visit places like Bucks Cabaret in Philadelphia, you will be surprised to find many couples enjoying the experience. If you are planning your first visit to a gentleman’s club, we strongly recommend that you check this guide listed below.

Follow the rules

Most gentleman’s clubs don’t admit people below the age of 18. For some locations, one must be 21 years of older. It is also important to note that taking pictures in such places is a strict no-no. You will be asked to leave, and often not in the most affectionate ways. Many clubs may ban you from coming back again. While you can always talk to the strippers, ask them for a lap dance, but don’t just assume they are prostitutes. Being respectful while having fun is the best way to enjoy!

Know the basics

Some gentleman’s clubs offer alcohol and other drinks on the menu, but many also insist on BYOB, or Bring Your Own Booze. There is usually a deadline for how late you can bring in alcohol, so check for that. Typically, these clubs will have a kitchen, but some don’t, so enquire in advance. Most big boy clubs only allow a casual dress code, so you cannot wear saggy pants or outfits like tank tops. Tipping is usually expected, and if you really want the strippers to get close, up and nasty, you better pay them well. There is generally a fixed price for nude dance and lap dances, but don’t expect the obvious. These are professional strippers, so you can only have the fun that the big boy club allows.

Have fun

Finally, all big boy clubs are about fun, and some of the cabaret clubs have everything you need, right from booze to ATMs and more. Just avoid being late and keep ordering booze on the go, and to get the attention of the strippers, get some cash with you. These are the few places, where real cash probably matters more than the card. Let those ladies cast a spell on your mind this weekend!