Getting engaged is a Huge Reason to Rejoice

A wedding is the beginning of a life-long commitment and to announce this commitment many people like to host an engagement ceremony. Engagement parties are an opportunity to hold an event for the couple to celebrate with each other before their big day. This is where both the bride and groom’s family and friends get to know each other. Some people have a long engagement period, and having an engagement party somewhere in the middle of the engaged period gives your loved ones something to look forward to.

People who plan to have a destination wedding, which cannot be attended by a lot of friends and family, have an engagement party to introduce their spouse to them. Having a great engagement party is a superb way of starting your wedding festivities.

Over the last few years there is a lot of change in party styles. To make sure that your ceremony goes on smoothly, rightful planning is required. Your engagement planning process should be enjoyable and not stressful. For that you can contact expert party organizers to assist you in planning your engagement party.

Planners Can Do It All for You

A lot of people are under the impression that hiring a wedding planner is an expensive affair, but basically you are paying for your peace of mind. A seasoned event planner, books vendors, organizes your RSVPs, and manages your budget. They have great business relations with vendors as they give them repeat business. So, a trained planner can get you great discounts.

They have the experience to know which vendor will work well in your party set up. Your planner will help you decide the theme and venue for your party according to your budget. They suggest several options including a luxury hotel, the beachside a family home and a lot more. Your guest list should be ready when you meet your potential planner, the size of the venue will depend on your approximate number of guests.

Nowadays, thanks to internet, with access to Instagram and social media everybody is aware of latest pre- wedding trends. A party is not fun without some source of entertainment. A professional planner can help you decide what kind of music you would want, be it a DJ or a live band. They even choose established and reliable photographers for you to preserve your cherished moments. When you work with an experienced planner, he will help you decide the menu according to taste of your guests and your theme. You will be delightfully surprised to see how they can handle last minute goof-ups with ease and professionalism.

Managing all this along with day to day activities can be a task. Whether you plan a party of 100 guests or 300 guests, the planning required is the same.

To take this burden off you, hire Mon Bijou planners. They will suggest the most appropriate engagement venues in Melbourne CBD and help you pull together your engagement party as you want. They gracefully manage all the work, letting you and your loved ones enjoy your engagement ceremony.